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EquaGel Cushion – Protector


Medical grade dry-polymer gel seat and wheelchair cushion. Comfortable, effective and durable. Gentle posturing and a non-slip bottom. A great option for patients at risk of pressure sores or needing a serious pressure and pain relieving cushion. Ideal for medium to high risk patients with low, moderate or high pressure relief needs and who need gentle positioning and skin protection.



Weekly Rental

* Rent for 4 weeks and only pay for 3

EquaGel’s unique design and cellular structure allows weight to pass outwards and away from pressure points. The areas most likely to develop pressure sores are allowed to float nearly pressure-free within the pad while the user’s weight is distributed evenly across the cushion. Traditional cushioning technologies compress under load and “push back” causing pressure and ischemia and putting a user at risk of developing an ulcer.

Additional information


Overall size: 63.5mm high
with 44.5mm of buckling gel under pressure points
50mm of patented EquaGel on a 10mm support foam for loft
Weight limit: 147kg