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IC333 Homecare Bed

Our signature and most popular bed, the iCare IC333 is unmatched for function and durability, the stylish design takes the hospital look out of your room. This four function quad-motor bed, features dual lift motors totalling 12,000 newtons lifting power, unlimited under-bed clearance and eight heavy duty castors. The ultra low design reduces the risk of falls for vulnerable patients, it is height adjustable and features head lift, knee break, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positioning. Click here to contact us for the best price!

Other features include a backlit hand controller, lockable castors, end and side mattress retainer bars, strong, breathable mattress platform and rechargeable battery back-up.

Available in a large range of fabrics, sizes and configurations.


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Additional information


Safe working load: 200kg on long single and king single sizes and 300kg for double and queen sizes. (The safe working load includes any model of iCare mattresses)
Head lift angle: 62º Knee break angle: 42º
Max. height: 660mm
Min. height: 220mm
Hard wearing commercial grade fabric.
10 year limited warranty.