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Sit-to-Stand Patient Transfer Device

This patient transfer aid delivers a complex free and secure solution for a care taker requiring to transfer a patient.

Weekly Rental

* Rent for 4 weeks and only pay for 3
  • The user can have their legs supported by the knee brace and hold on to the horizontal bar in front of them.
  • The 4 wheels, 2 of which have breaks, enable this aid to be manoeuvred easily from room to room. The narrow width enables the carer to manoeuvre easily through standard doorways.
  • Can be wheeled directly up to a toilet, with wheels positioned either side of the toilet giving patient the ability to sit.
  • Enables users to participate in transfers improving muscle tone and is ideal for transferring users from room to room.
  • Ideal for those patients who can raise from a seated position to a standing position.
  • Brand: Turner Drive


Additional information


Length: 860mm
Height: 970mm
Width: 610mm
Handle height (from base): 850mm
Safe working limit: 185kg