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Walking Frame (wheels and skis)


A general purpose, height adjustable, folding walking frame with front wheels and rear skis for easier handling and manoeuvrability over different surfaces. Made of lightweight aluminium, this frame can help improve balance and stability. With an overall height range of 81.5 cm up to 99 cm, the frame features height adjustable legs with two front wheels plus two rear skis, allowing you to drag the frame across the floor. This significantly reduces the risk of tripping and makes it easier to move the frame across the floor without the need to lift. This is a great advantage for people with reduced upper body strength or an increased risk of falling. The frame also features soft foam grip handles for added comfort and better support. The foam is soft to the touch and provides some extra grip for added security. With the press of a button, the frame folds flat to a width of just 11 cm. The sides of the frame then collapse inwards making it very easy to transport in the back of the car, or store safely while not in use.



Weekly Rental

* Rent for 4 weeks and only pay for 3
  • general-purpose, lightweight walking frame
  • 125 mm front wheels plus rear skis
  • rear skis for easier handling and manoeuvrability
  • height adjustable legs
  • slides along the floor, no need to lift
  • foam grip handles for added comfort
  • single button folding mechanism
  • folds flat for easy transport and storage
  • 815 – 990 height adjustment

Additional information


Overall width: 640mm
Depth: 555mm
Adjustable height: 815-990mm
Width between handles: 430mm
Front wheels: 25mm
Folds flat: 115mm
Net weight: 3kg
Max. user weight: 180kg